Accountability Services Joins Eastside Accountants

We are pleased to announce that our firm has joined Eastside Accountants, a CPA firm in Bellevue, WA.

Over the years we have enjoyed providing our clients with the highest level of accounting and tax services at Accountability Services. After thorough and careful selection and with her eyes on the future for the next generation, Elizabeth Mance, our founder, has decided to transfer her firm to Dave Fischer of Eastside Accountants, a Washington CPA firm in Bellevue, Washington while she continues to work in a supporting role.

We are excited for this transition and will make all efforts for it to be seamless. Other than new ownership, little will change from the excellent service we’ve been honored to provide over the years. The same staff (including Elizabeth) will continue to provide services from our current location in Northgate. However, now Accountability Services has two offices – one on each side of the lake.

The combined accounting practice will be operating under the brand name “Accountability Services.”

All of Accountability Services’ current staff, which includes Elizabeth Mance, Mary Pat Mitton, Kari Moore, Teresa Brown, Sandi Hart, Mary Beth Herold, Jennifer Pellerin, Sofia Usova, Manny Uson, and Angela Weller will all continue on with the combined firm under new ownership.

We join the existing Eastside Accountants team of Dave Fischer, Lera Kooper, Shanna Brewster, Rilee Benson, Jasara Big Boy Gribble, Kellie Burlingham, Rebekah Kowalski, and Lynn Stoller.

Our Eastside team shares the same values and commitment to high quality solutions for our clients we do.

Please do not hesitate to contact Elizabeth or Dave with any questions you have regarding this exciting development.

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