Firm Director Lera Kooper Now Equity Partner

Accountability Services is pleased to announce that Firm Director Lera Kooper has joined Managing Director Dave Fischer on our ownership team. Lera became an equity partner in January, and she is excited about the opportunity to have greater influence over the future of our firm.

“Becoming an owner is important to me because it provides the opportunity to do more of what I love most, which is helping entrepreneurs to grow their business and live more rewarding lives. Accounting is more than just numbers and taxes, it is a tool for making life easier – and I look forward to helping clients develop their enterprises in a way that makes both financial and personal dreams come true.”

You are in Great Hands!

As our firm continues to grow, every change we make is enacted with the aim of improving our ability to serve our clients. Lera and Dave have worked together for the better part of a decade and share an exciting vision for where Accountability Services is headed.

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