Rudy Murdock

Rudy joined our team in June 2023. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business from CU Boulder and a Masters in Accounting from the Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder.

As he studies to sit for the CPA exam, Rudy is diving in headfirst to assist the client service team and get to know clients. He is also working alongside Ernie to become a valued advisor who guides business owners through the financial planning and analysis that result in wealth accumulation.

Rudy enjoys personally engaging with business owners to understand their goals as well as the intricacies of their operations. He is energized by seeing clients go from a state of uncertainty to a place of assurance regarding their financial future. And, as you’d expect from an accountant, he loves solving complex problems that would make most people’s heads spin.

When Rudy is not immersed in his work or engrossed in studying for his CPA exam, he cherishes his hiking trips with Scout, his two-year-old Pitbull. However, as soon as the landscape turns white with snow, you’ll find Rudy pursuing his childhood passion. An enthusiastic skier since the tender age of four, he navigates the backcountry ski trails, with a loyal Scout trailing close behind him down the mountain.