Protecting Your Financial Data: New Security Upgrades

At Accountability Services, we take data protection seriously – after all, we have more of your personal data on file than your doctor does!

So, we’re incredibly excited to share some of the security updates that went into place this month to keep your data even safer.

New security measures implemented on June 1, 2024

By adding multiple layers of protection, our IT department has significantly reduced the possibility of human error leading to a security concern.

Cutting-Edge AI Security Tools work behind the scenes to identify and neutralize potential threats before they reach our team.

Top-Notch Cybersecurity Training through the KnowBe4 security awareness platform builds a “human firewall” that empowers our team to quickly recognize potential risks.

By Fortifying Access with Keeper Password Manager we have eliminated the need for employees to know the passwords for sensitive tools. 

  • Keeper Password Manager blocks access to data through the use of highly complex and randomized passwords, stored in an encrypted vault.

Multi-Layered Authentication for all sensitive accounts and technology tools guarantees that only authorized personnel have access to your financial data.

Strict Access Policies ensure that only authorized personnel can access your data, and only from approved locations.

  • Updated access policies are supported by our Wireless Internet Service Provider and a new software tool that locks down risky login attempts.

24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) Monitoring means a third-party data protection firm is working around the clock to protect client data. At the first sign of trouble, SOC staff are ready to respond quickly.

Automated Outbound Communication Monitoring scans all emails sent by our team to look for malware, bad links or corrupt files, preventing any employee from accidentally delivering a dangerous communication to a client.

Is your CPA doing enough to protect your financial data?

Here are a few key data security questions every business owner should ask their CPA before sending over sensitive documents:

  • Do you use a secure file transfer system for sensitive information?
  • What measures are in place to keep your network secure?
  • Where is data stored? Is it encrypted? What about backups?
  • How do you control login credentials and access control?
  • How do you secure computers and devices at the firm’s physical location?
  • What is your data retention policy for files you no longer need?

Have questions about our security protocols? Give us a call at 206.522.0110 and we’ll be happy to put your security concerns at ease.

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