Two Award-Winning Accounting Firms Join Forces

Lots of small businesses and startups struggle with taxes, accounting, and setting financial goals. It’s confusing and frustrating trying to figure everything out on your own. Where can you find guides to help you through the messy financial side of business?

Boulder Valley CPAs and Accountability Services heard those cries for help. As two accounting and advisory firms with aligned core values, they are joining forces. In 2022, Accountability Services was awarded “Firm of the Year” by Thomson Reuters, while Boulder Valley CPAs was awarded “Rookie of the Year.” Both firms were recognized for their innovative approaches to elevating financial literacy and and strategic planning with clients. 

What’s in this merger for clients?

By combining forces, they aim to provide a wider range of resources to their clients. Their mission? To empower individuals and businesses to maximize their financial resources and opportunities. The merged entity brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that clients can leverage. Whether it is planning for tax season, optimizing financial statements, or making data-driven decisions, the combined entity is equipped to provide tailored solutions to fit its clients’ needs.

The owners of both firms are very excited about the merger. As Ernie Villany, Founder of Boulder Valley CPAs put it, “This merger is the next step in our evolution, bringing more focus on proactive collaboration, financial literacy, and accountability.”

Lera Kooper, Co-Owner of Accountability Services agrees, saying “This represents an exciting expansion of expertise that reaffirms our commitment to building strategies beyond financial statements.”

Dave Fischer, also a Co-Owner of Accountability Services, echoed the commitment to client success. He said “Our vision is rooted in our passion for the success of business owners and individuals who want to make the most of what they have. Together, we can expand our reach and value.”

In this new era, CPAs do more than just compliance and tax preparation. They take a big-picture view to advise on business strategy and help clients maximize opportunities.

The merged firm, operating under the Accountability Services name, will offer different service levels to meet each client’s needs. Whether you’re just starting out or ready to scale, they can guide you in making your business dreams a financial reality.

This merger shows that at its heart, a great accounting firm provides more than numbers. They give you clarity, strategy, and accountability. They turn your vision into reality through proactive guidance.

What’s next?

As of January 1, 2024, Boulder Valley CPAs will operate under the Accountability Services name. The 3 partners will lead and focus on specific areas of the business:

Ernie Villany – Chief Advisory Officer
Lera Kooper- Chief Business Development Officer
Dave Fischer- Chief Executive Officer

If your business feels lost on taxes, accounting, or setting financial goals, Accountability Services wants to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide visionary, strategic partnership tailored to your needs.

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