How do Advisory Services Differ from Essential Services?

Understanding the difference between Advisory Services and Essential Services helps you get the most out of your Concierge Services MasterPlan™. In this post, we’ll explain how they differ and how they work in concert to get your business to exactly where you want it to be.

Your map and your vehicle

Taking a road trip requires a lot of things. First, you need a destination. Then, you need a map to know how to get there. Finally, you need a car and snacks and a co-pilot to help you read the map while you’re driving.

If any of these three elements are missing, you’ll either get lost or not go anywhere at all.

It’s exactly the same with running a business and managing your finances.

You need goals, a strategic plan, resources to put the plan into action and professional guidance along the way.

Mapping out this strategic plan is what our Advisory Services are all about. It’s where we sit down with clients, listen carefully to their wants, needs and goals, and then develop a custom strategy aimed at achieving their unique financial vision.

Essential Services are all the things we do on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to keep that strategic plan moving forward and ensure the business remains in compliance.

Advisory Services Essential Services
·         Assess current business position

·         Define personal vision and definition of success

·         Optimize forward-thinking tax planning

·         Chart long-term course for maximizing business value

·         Define and implement best practices

·         Cash flow planning

·         Income strategies

·         Fringe benefits planning

·         Start-up or succession planning

·         Business tax preparation

·         Individual tax preparation

·         Monthly accounting


Advisory Services are an ongoing process

All great plans need to be monitored and periodically revised. The strategic plan for your business is no different.

At Accountability Services, we take an active role in helping our clients revise, optimize or even change their strategic plan when appropriate. Our Advisory Services aren’t a one-time event. We work together to improve upon your plan and seek out new opportunities every year.

Accountability Services’ convenient one-fee model

One of the reasons Concierge Services MasterPlan™ is popular with clients is the ability to combine both Advisory and Essential Services into a single product. Unlike some accounting firms in Seattle where you pay a la carte for different services, we charge one easy flat monthly fee to cover all your accounting planning and compliance needs.

Reach your tax accounting and business goals

The best accounting firm truly cares about your financial health and the future of your business.

Don’t search “CPA firm near me”, schedule a free consultation with the professional team who provide a personal touch. Your goals are our goals because your success drives our success.

Get in touch to discover the Accountability Services difference today.

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