Tori Bartels

Tori joined our team in January 2023. After 6 years teaching elementary school (one in Madrid, Spain!) Tori wanted to transition her skills and passion for helping people into a professional services environment. Lucky for us, Tori decided to come on board and support the firm’s business operations as well as the Client Services team.

Tori’s formal education is in Dance Performance and Education with both a Bachelor’s degree from Chapman University and a Master’s from the University of Massachusetts. Her strengths lie in working with people and solving problems.

No two days are ever alike in Tori’s role, and she enjoys the camaraderie, positive culture, and flexible work environment at the firm. Outside of work, Tori has a serious case of wanderlust and a lofty goal of running out of pages in her passport. From safaris in Tanzania to Tahiti and Moorea – Tori has many travel adventures!