More than Monthly Accounting

Chart a clear path forward for your business with an actionable strategic plan. As the only firm to offer our Concierge MasterPlan™, Accountability Services is the right firm for small business owners seeking a personal relationship with a professional business advisory.

Our proprietary program works to maximize your post-tax net wealth while getting to the root of your long-term business goals and developing custom strategies to help you achieve them. Many service providers focus solely on the past. Accountability Services’ forward-looking approach drives your business to where you want it to be.

Our Concierge MasterPlan™ is personalized, responsive and proactive.


Identify your needs in a free consult.


Create a customized plan.


Provide on-going support for a simple monthly fee.

For Your Business

Partner with a team that looks to the future

Business owners have the greatest impact when working ON their business and not IN it. With our talented and experienced team on your side, you will finally have the time to focus on core initiatives to grow your business.

We are eager to be partners in your success! Our client relationships begin with learning about your goals and ambitions and then working together to identify and implement a unique, long-term strategic path forward. Along the way, we analyze, educate and optimize tax efficiency to help you make smarter decisions and positively impact the trajectory and health of your organization.

Once a personalized plan is in place it must be maintained. We handle all of your Essential and necessary compliance work and will continually monitor your accounting activity for opportunities.

  • Business Tax Preparation
  • Individual Tax Preparation
  • Monthly Accounting

We develop your Concierge MasterPlan™ to align with your goals so you can make informed financial decisions for your business.

​Business Advising & Planning

To make meaningful, strategic decisions that drive business growth, you need an honest assessment of your current position and a long-term plan to implement and optimize.

We take the time to identify your unique challenges and goals, and to understand your personal definition of success. This results in ultra-tailored expert advice, aimed at maximizing your organization’s value.

Business Best Practices

Expand your financial IQ to take full advantage of tax savings on all eligible business expenses and follow best practices across a wide range of issues. Don’t try to do it alone.

We will help you know the rules for the people you pay, guide you to properly handle health insurance and medical expenses, offer advice on family members helping with the business, and ensure your recordkeeping is efficient and audit-proof.

Tax Efficiency Analysis

Understanding the difference between tax preparation and tax planning is the key to optimizing tax savings and maximizing your post-tax net worth.

We develop effective tax strategies that anticipate what is yet to come and take advantage of all available tools based on your tax situation, making sure you are using the most efficient business structure for your needs.

Other Common Advisory Topics

Whatever challenges you are facing, we have seen them before. Our team is your resource for the full scope of business advisory services.

From cash flow planning to succession planning, income strategies, fringe benefits planning, start-up planning and more, we have got you covered.

For You

Extend your business planning to your personal finances

Financial planning and tax preparation are vital to managing your financial health. Take the guesswork out of these critical tasks with the help of our experts.



Identify your needs in a free consult.


Create a customized plan.


Provide on-going support for a simple monthly fee.

Tax Planning, Strategy & Preparation

It’s not what you earn that matters, it’s what you keep.

For individuals with significant personal income tax expense, effective tax planning becomes the cornerstone of wealth management. We provide exceptional value to clients by going above and beyond traditional compliance (preparing/filing your tax return) to provide ongoing, proactive strategies and solutions to reduce your overall tax liability over time.

Meet your personal financial objectives with tailored guidance from a team of multidisciplinary professionals well-versed in retirement planning, succession planning, and personal financial statements.

Let us evaluate your tax situation, provide strategic advisory, and serve your planning needs with integrated solutions designed keep your finances in check.

Our deluxe tax clients receive year-round concierge advanced planning services under a separate engagement. We also offer annual standard tax preparation.

Personal Financial Success Planning

Everything you need to reach your goals faster.

Simplify financial planning and eliminate stressful sales pressure by working with an advisory team that does not sell financial products. Our goal is to make financial planning a positive experience. We work with you to develop a strategic plan for your personal finances and actively support you to make your dreams a reality.

We meet regularly to make sure you are on track. By creating a balance sheet and budget together, we give you the power of seeing an exact snapshot of your current financial health. As we get to know you and understand all the critical aspects relating to your financial life, we can provide guidance if anything is missing.

For our clients who already work with a financial advisor, we provide seamless tax integration by collaborating directly with your advisor.