What Our Clients Are Saying

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“Someone once told me that cash is the king, queen, and executioner of small business. AS helps me forecast my cash out 12 months so I can make changes while they still have impacts on the bottom line. Working with them has reduced the anxiety of running a small business because they took the time to understand my goals and to right-size their services to help me meet them.
– Managing Partner, Construction Consulting Firm

“Accountability Services supports the growth of our business and we bolted them into that process.  They initiated the idea of doing a mid-year health check.  It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day activities and not to think about when the fiscal year ends.   It’s a nice safety net to have someone else also remembering what you need to do.”
– CEO, Local Restaurant Group

“We are a rather complicated company with London, New York and Seattle operations.  Accountability Services has been great about navigating tax issues. The conversations I’ve had with them let me know they are aware of and interested in me both personally and professionally in terms of the business.”
– CFO, International Marketing Organization

“I like dealing with a complete business providing complete services. We have our information online so I can logon and find my tax returns and documents anytime.  Although they do things quickly, they don’t compromise thoroughness.”
– CEO, Alaskan Fishing Corporation

“They switched us from C-corporation to S-corporation, and that has made a big difference. They are interested in what we do and what we do is unusual.  They have a range of experience in different areas; if they don’t, they go and get it.  They always get back to you.”
–  Owner, Legal Code Publishing Company

“They are really good at explaining thing in non-accounting terms — we’re contractors.  They explain what’s going on without getting too technical.  One other thing I really like is that they are not too big or small, so I don’t have to wait for attention either way.  They are accessible — definitely.”
Co-Founder, General Contractor

“They are pretty impressive. They are easy to work with…genuinely concerned for our business’s well-being and you can sense that. They showed our three partners, my two brothers and I, how we could put more money into our retirement funds. They listen to what we say, and they address our needs in a timely manner.”
– Controller, Safe & Lock Company 

“We were looking for new accounting software and they helped with a smooth transition during the implementation.   Between their assistance and our software, we are up to date to the minute, which is important.  That is how we envisioned it would be and it is.  We also appreciate the mistakes we haven’t made since working with them — they steer us away from changes that would harm us.”
CEO, Safe & Lock Company

“They are professional. They are very thorough and organized, meet deadlines, and do what they say they will do. They are reliable.  When I have a question, she gets back to me.  Her responsiveness makes me know she cares.”
Owner, Wedding Event Consultancy

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