Times Have Changed, So Has Your CPA

Few professions invoke classic generalizations quite like a Certified Public Accountant.

You know the ones.

An exhausted number cruncher, frantically checking and rechecking figures as they sip black coffee from a white Styrofoam cup with one hand and type wildly into a 10-key with the other.

Or the shy math whiz, peering over a mountain of paperwork with his or her wire-frame glasses from a desk shoved in the far back corner of the office.

Books, TV shows and movies reinforce these stereotypes, but in 2023, the reality couldn’t be any further from the images described above.

Tools and technology have accelerated change

Artificial Intelligence, automation, advanced accounting software and strategic outsourcing have all worked in unison to turn the accounting profession on its head.

Today’s CPAs aren’t bogged down by data. They are empowered by it.

Numbers are no longer something to be typed into a calculator. They are keys to unlocking proactive strategies that help businesses grow.

Adapting to the needs of small business owners

America was built by entrepreneurs – and the dream of business ownership and innovation is alive and well in this country.

But contemporary small business owners are far savvier than their predecessors. They understand that growing a business in modern times requires the help of outside expertise, especially when it comes to finances.

More and more, owners are leaning on their CPAs for advice and guidance at every stage of their business journey.

Tax returns don’t help businesses grow

Preparing and filing tax returns is certainly part of what an accountant can do, but out of all the services offered by CPA firms, tax prep is relatively low value. After all, a tax return simply recounts what has already happened in the past.

Taking a proactive approach towards optimizing NEXT year’s tax return, however, is incredibly valuable.

CPAs can provide practical and actionable advice on how to accumulate post-tax wealth, minimize tax liability and grow your business.

A business advisor

In 2023, a public accountant is a knowledgeable business advisor who can help clients:

  • Create proactive business and financial plans
  • Leverage the tax code to maximize deductions and credits to become tax efficient
  • Access a diverse team of specialists for a wide range of expertise

Strategic guidance for your business

Our team believes a tax return should be the result of strategic planning, and never a surprise. Understanding your goals is critical to determining the “right” strategy. Forget everything you know about your father’s accountant. Today’s CPA has the tools, technology and knowhow to focus less on transactional accounting tasks and more on the comprehensive services that will drive your business forward.

Start your journey to tax-efficiency by requesting a free consultation with our team here: online contact form.

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