Working with Our Team


We operate in a team environment to ensure coverage and to expedite communication. To benefit from this please mark the following email addresses as “safe senders” and take advantage of them as follows:

    • – The Client Experience Team is here to help. When in doubt reach them here. Here’s what you can expect from your Accountability Services concierge:
      • Ensure timely responses to client inquiries
      • Keep you notified of project lead times
      • Request tax information on the behalf of the Tax Team to keep workflow moving forward
      • Communicate opportunities to help you optimize your personal and business goals
      • Collect your valuable feedback for our Team so we can continue serving you better
    • – Direct all tax related inquiries here as this inbox is monitored by our entire tax team. Submitting tax inquiries to individuals directly may result in a delay in responsiveness.
    • – Valuable reminders and information relevant to business activity is often shared from our Client Accounting Services (CAS) Team email.
    • – Our Monthly newsletters and other important information is issued from this email throughout the year. Our newsletters are not marketing, we share major compliance changes, opportunities, and tips.
    • [Staff Name] – You will also receive emails directly from staff members, particularly when working with our Client Accounting Services (CAS) Team on your advisory and non-federal-tax compliance work.
    • – Please send any billing questions here.


Our Responsiveness

Allow 2 business days, 4 during tax season for a response.

We close from April 16th – April 30th every year and the last 2 weeks in December.


Tax Specific Details

    • Engagements are issued annually in November for the following calendar year (i.e. November 2023 for the 2023 tax year, services performed in 2024).
    • Review The “What Is Tax Ready?” document we issue every January. Being properly “tax ready” is a critical factor in your tax preparation lead time.
    • Once “Tax Ready”, a return is typically turned around in 4 weeks. Your timely responses to our questions directly correlate to our turnaround time.
    • To avoid an extension, we need everything tax ready by February 15 for Business returns, and March 15 for Individual. We call this our “No drama / No ‘hair-on-fire’” policy.  This is how we avoid making mistakes. If you require an estimated tax payment with your extension, upload all pertinent information to perform a comprehensive analysis by March 15.
    • We do not process tax returns from April 11-30 or October 16-31.
    • To avoid filing a late return (if extended), we need everything tax ready by August 15 for Business returns, and September 15 for Individual.
    • We have a rigid Quality Control process: every tax return gets reviewed – “2 pairs of eyes on every tax return”.